What's the Stock Market Doing Today?

The stock market is an aggregation of buyers and sellers of shares, which represent property rights over companies. These can include securities that are listed on public shares. CNN provides updated stock data coverage, giving you the latest updates on US markets, global markets, stock prices, cryptocurrencies, commodities and currencies. Get the latest stock market news and analysis on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Check out our quick links for free calendars with corporate earnings (including analyst expectations), economic events, specific stock catalysts, and split dates. There has been speculation about TikTok's potential for malicious activity with respect to user data in the United States. Despite a long streak of falling bond prices and a warning about advertising spending by Snap, stocks ended strongly higher on Friday. Verizon shares hit 52-week lows after disappointing gains. For the bulls, a long low-risk setup may be close.

Customers have returned and the impact of COVID has diminished, but the discount airline is still expecting some turbulence in the future. Wendy's continues to make value a fundamental part of its offering to customers. Las Vegas is known as a playground for adults and Sin City's latest addition relies on that nickname. Snap shares dropped to 52-week lows after disappointing gains. Here's how to manage the disastrous technical aspects now.

A warning about advertising spending and a grim short-term picture caused Snap and other social media stocks to trade sharply lower on Friday. Watch the latest live market analysis at the opening of Wall Street, where Snap falls with its gains and reports of a possible security overhaul cause Twitter shares to fall. Stock futures fell as bond sales intensified; Snap plummeted after ad spending warning, bleak outlook; Twitter plummeted on report that Musk's takeover could be subject to US review U. S.; Verizon rose ahead of third-quarter earnings after AT&T surpassed and US airlines fell as restrictions forecast. Market price returns do not represent the returns that an investor would receive if the stock were traded at other times. Every afternoon from Monday to Friday, get a snapshot of global markets, along with the day's top business, economic and global news.

Market price returns are based on the previous day's closing price, which is the average of supply and demand prices from the midpoint to 4 pence.

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