Will the Stock Market Recover in 2022?

The U. S. stock market has been affected by a bear market, defined as a fall of 20% or more. This type of market crash occurs periodically and for a variety of reasons, such as excessive market valuations after a prolonged bull market or external events that exceed other fundamental factors that traditionally drive stock market performance.

In July, stocks rebounded from their June lows, but then fell back again in August due to investor fears of a recession. The S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite indices fell back to bear market territory and reached their lowest points of the year in September. Market volatility remains high, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining 1,591 points in the first two days of October, equivalent to a value increase of more than 5%. Explanations for the most serious market declines are often easier to find after the events.

In early 2000, an extended bear market began, which persisted until early 2003, following in the footsteps of a long-lasting bull market. The most notable factor behind this significant decline in stock prices was the bursting of a stock market “bubble” in technology stock prices, in particular for some early-stage dotcom companies, when investors stopped paying higher prices for companies with little or no profit. Eric Freedman, U. Chief Investment Officer at Bank says it's important to maintain an adequate perspective on the environment and warns that markets are likely to remain volatile.

However, he urges investors to maintain a long-term perspective. What are the critical factors at play that could affect the timing of the stock market recovery? Freedman emphasizes that it is essential to have a plan that helps inform your investment decision-making, especially in times like these. Consult with your wealth planning professional to ensure that you are comfortable with your current investments and that your portfolio is structured in a manner consistent with your long-term financial goals. Diversification and asset allocation do not guarantee profitability or protect against losses. Knowing your investment objectives and your risk tolerance helps us to diversify your portfolio with a combination of stocks, bonds and real assets. The new tax provisions being considered by the House of Representatives and the Senate are included in the Inflation Reduction Act, recently passed by Congress and signed into law by the President.

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Not only has the market been volatile, but many investors are seeing losses in their brokerage and IRA accounts compared to the start of the year. An additional concern going forward will be market fundamentals such as corporate revenues and profits. It is almost impossible to predict how far markets will fall but portfolios that have been in the market for a long time and are diversified tend to perform best. We have global experience in market analysis and in advisory and capital raising services for companies, institutions and governments. Since markets are already trading at a rate of 4.5%, according to my models, a less aggressive stance will indicate that the market is close to the bottom of the market. Both the high-tech NASDAQ composite index (which includes about 3,000 common shares) and the Russell 2000 small-cap stock index fell to a bearish market position earlier in the year. Every time markets start to fall investors wonder how far they will fall but it's almost impossible to predict.

The best-performing portfolios are those that have been in the market for a long time and are diversified. We have global experience in market analysis and in advisory and capital raising services for companies, institutions and governments. It is important to maintain an adequate perspective on current economic conditions while keeping an eye on key developments shaping today's markets such as volatility, geopolitics, economic trends and investment prospects. Investors should consult with their wealth planning professionals to ensure they are comfortable with their current investments and that their portfolio is structured in a manner consistent with their long-term financial goals.

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